How not to leave a sales call voice mail.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009
This is the message that was on my VM  after At The Beach Tanning  tried to call me and sell me their taning packege.  Things to learn 1.) Dont forget to hang up after trying to call a potental customer and getting their VM. 2.) Don't use the F word at work 3.) You probably should not be ducussing with customers why someone was fired.  The audio is a little quiet so you may need to turn it up for the good stuff.

And yes this was actualy on my VM.

*** Warning there is cursing in this audio clip.****

Twitter ...... Video Post

Saturday, September 5, 2009
As you have noticed I have been writing a lot less blogs as of late. Actually as most of you have noticed I don't post a lot period. Mostly that is because I don't ever feel like I have a lot to say. Enter Twitter ( ) which I have fell in love with. For those of you who don't know twitter is like a blog just much shorter i.e micro blogging, which is perfect for me. You can do it at home on a computer just like blogger, and even on the go from your cell phone. If you are on twitter you can follow me @brandon_powell ( if your not you can read my updates on the left side of this blog. Twitter is fun and easy and if you love blogging I suggest you check it out.

Now on to the Video!

Evelyn being Evelyn:

Elisa dancing in her Princess Dress:

Evelyn VS the Birthday Cake:

Couple of cuties....

Thursday, May 7, 2009
Evelyn playing in the floor...

Elisa being silly in daddy's sunglasses...

Oakley Factory Co-Pilot Event

So back in April I got the chance to head down to Oakley HQ and help out with major marketing event, The Oakley Factory Co-Pilot Event. It was a excellent opportunity for me as I was working with a different department that Retail and I got to meet some really amazing fans of the O.

Basically it went down like this: Oakley ran a contest to find its 50 biggest fans across the globe. The several VIP's from the corporate team voted on who they thought should go, after much deliberation and some 600 + applications they got it narrowed down to the 50. Those 50 headed down to sunny CA for the weekend, to take in private tours of the factory, professorial grade RC car racing, paintball and shopping in both the Lobby Store and the Irvine Spectrum O-Store.

My week went like this:

Day 1: Flew in and met some very cool Oakley Marketing employees, Jo Anne, Cale and Fonz. I helped finish packing up some of the goodie bags for the winners then got handed a set of keys for this:

Aptly named the Dog Catcher. Once I got checked in to the hotel it was off to LAX (about an hours drive one way) to pick up two of the winners that were from Hawaii. They were very nice folks and we quickly became friends. Once back at the hotel I got to meet a couple more of the winners over a drink.
Day two was a free day for the winners as they were coming in but I spent the whole day (from 9am to 9pm) picking people up from the airport, lets just say I got to know the highways of CA pretty well! The day ended hanging out with the winners, down in the lobby of the hotel till around 1am.
Day Three: The first half of day three was spent with me just getting to chill with the winners, I tagged along with them for the presentations (getting to see the ANSI Z87.1 test live) and then for the tours as well. The second half of the day it was back to work! The winners got to compete in a RC car race and I spent the afternoon flipping over the cars and running them up the hill to switch them out with one with a fresh batteries. The night ended once again with hanging out in the lobby of the Hotel making new friends.

Getting ready to head up the hill to HQ

Lunch on the Helipad

Day Four way paint ball day, man was that a blast! I never would have thought paint ball would bee that popular in CA but we went to the huge place that must have and 15 different fields with different scenarios and the place was packed. We played for about 8am till 1pm, and let me tell you that combined with the up and down the hill flipping RC cars my legs were SORE!! That night we hung out a Dave and Busters were there were some pretty cool photos taken.

That is a lot of Time Tanks (aka Minuet Machines) which is also a lot of $$!!

New Friends!!

Me and Jo Anne, the chief architect for the weekend!

After D&B some of the winners wanted to go check out the Irvine/Spectrum O-Store so I headed over with them. It had been a slow day for the Store so the store manager, had just let her extra people go home early then bam 50 Oakley fanatics hit the store. Luckily the  manager and I have know each other for quite sometime so I just took a set of keys and went to work, just like I was back home!
That night some of the contestants wanted to head up to HQ and take some night photos so Jo Anne and I loaded up the trucks and took them up. I even managed to sneak in to a few shots! =)

The O-Review crew, Jo Anne and Myself!

All and all it was a great weekend that I will remember fondly for years to come. I think the plan is to do more of these in the future and hopefully I will be invented back to work them once again.

Is your company this cool?

Monday, May 4, 2009
I know it has been a long time sice I have posted but I just wanted to know....

 Is the company you work for this cool...

Thats right that is a tank, no they did not rent it they bought it.  It now sits out front of our HQ.  Man I love Oakley!

Or how about a cannon?

Fun Video

Tuesday, November 4, 2008
So I know its been a while, not much has been going on as of late just working on finding the new "normal" with two kids and gearing up of the big holiday season at work.  Here are a couple of fun videos of elisa I shot hope you enjoy!

Elisa Plays Peak A Boo:

Elisa VS Laser:

Frog loves Lunch Meat:

Back Home!

Monday, September 1, 2008
Were HOME!! Late Saturday afternoon the doctors released us to go home!! Evelyn is doing much better, and seems to be having no problems eating and sleeping, all and all everything seems to be back to normal baby mode. Unless something comes back on the genetic screenings (at this point I don't think anything will) it looks like we will not ever know what caused the problems Evelyn had. We thank you all for your steadfast prayers and well wishes, we can defiantly tell by Evelyn's quick recovery (and the astonished looks on doctors faces) that it was those prayers that pulled our little on through this ruff time.

Here is a quick slide show of photos from the day she was born to the day she came home from the hospital for the second time: